After two weeks of editing (too long, I know), I finally published the video last night. But things are a little different than what I expected.

My previous video, which was technically my first video, did okay. It has 17K views over the last 3 months, though a percentage of the viewers didn't seem to like the video very much.

This new video, on the other hand, only has dozens of views so far.

I know it's too early to judge, and that I shouldn't focus too much on superficial metrics. Still, it feels a little disappointing.

Maybe because I'd spent too much time on that single video, so I had a high expectation of it. Or maybe I'm just finding excuses (subconsciously) to prove how hard it is to do YouTube and that I should give up and try something else.

Either way, this is just a stupid rant. YouTubing is a number's game. I shouldn't passively rely on luck, nor should I focus on any of the metrics.

This is a career that I've decided to pursue for many years to come, so how does a video's performance matter in the grand scheme of things?

Yep, it doesn't matter.

Matter of fact, Matt D'Avella and his team have just released Goodbye Metrics — a Chrome extension that lets you hide metrics in your YouTube Creator Studio. The idea is that we should focus on creating content we love and taking on new challenges without caring too much about the views and subscriber count.

But of course, it's easy for someone like him — who has over 3 million subscribers — to not care about the metrics. He has built a stable stream of passive income, anyway.

For new YouTubers like me, metrics are important for knowing what works and what doesn't. And progress keeps me going.

It's paradoxical, I know. And I'm trying to find the balance too.

Before I start working on the next video, I'm gonna be working on my Skillshare class first. I need to release it ASAP and see how it goes.

Gotta start generating some income first.

Talk soon,

Weekly Recommendations

🎬 Watch

This Netflix miniseries called MAID is an amazing show that I really enjoyed watching. It's based on the true story of a book written by Stephanie Land. Super inspiring and captivating story. I highly recommend it.

🎬 Watch

Ken Tang (aka Chicken Genius Singapore) released a video two days ago about the number of Tesla shares we need to hold in order to retire on it. A seemingly far-fetched goal suddenly seems way more attainable. Which is exactly what he wanted to achieve with the video, I think.

10 years may seem like a long time, but they will go by incredibly fast. Start investing now.

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