I promised in my last newsletter to write an article a week using the topic ideas I got from Exploding Topics.

Well, I didn't write anything over the past week.

Not that I didn't want to follow through on it, but writing an article has the most friction for me at the moment compared to other things that I'm working on.

Every time I set out to write an article, my mind goes blank. The topic idea that I came up with would suddenly feel absurd to talk about.

I'm not sure if I just flat-out hate writing or I'm swamped by perfectionism. In his blogging course, Adam Enfroy talks about the idea of assembling blog posts instead of writing ones, with the ultimate goal of building an affiliate blog.

Mainly oriented toward monetary priorities, of course.

But I'm kinda reluctant to do that. I mean, sure, I want to make money with my blog. But at the same time, I don't want to be too mercenary.

Money is only part of the reason I started this blog. There are other factors to consider too, such as the art part. Whatever anyone says, writing is a form of art to me.

And as paradoxical as it sounds, I do enjoy writing as a creative expression, to an extent. This is why I'm way more comfortable writing a newsletter than writing a blog post.

So, now what? Do I forgo writing blog posts altogether and just focus on newsletters?

I don't think so. But screw the rules, I'm gonna do things my way.

At the moment, I find making videos more fun than writing blog posts. So maybe I'll focus on growing my YouTube channel first and see how other things pan out.

I'm sure I'll keep publishing blog posts from time to time, but I really don't want to follow a rigid schedule.

I watched a video interview between Ali Abdaal and Lewis Howes the other day and got some huge inspiration out of it. One of the things Ali talked about was the question he asked himself at some point:

“Would I still be doing what I do if I won a lottery?”

Honestly, if I do win a lottery, I'm sure I won't be starting an affiliate blog. I would still be writing, but definitely not for money.

At that moment, I know why I've been so reluctant to do what those “successful” affiliate bloggers did.

The lesson? Follow your heart, and your gut feeling.

The truth is, we probably have all the right answers within us, but we're too distracted to find them out. Because we're too busy seeking answers without.

Talk soon,

Weekly Recommendations

I watched a bunch of videos over the past week, and here are some of the great content I recommend:

🎬 Watch

In this video, Sara Dietschy talks about her 10-year YouTube journey which I find very inspiring. She started doing YouTube when she didn't quite know what she wanted to do with her life.

Today, this YouTube thing that she used to do for fun, has become her full-time career. And it's growing and compounding every single day. I should really just get over all those stupid fears and fucking start doing it.

🎬 Watch

In this video interview, Ali Abdaal and Lewis Howes talk about a lot of different things, from creativity to entrepreneurship to spirituality. I especially enjoyed the part when Lewis called Ali out for his irrational reason for not going all-in on his creative career.

🎬 Watch

Despite being the founder of an email marketing company (ConvertKit), I've always seen Nathan as a creative instead of a marketer. And in this video interview, he and Ali Abdaal talk a lot about creativity, business, and content creation. Definitely check it out if building a career as a creative is your thing.

🎬 Watch

Finally, in this seminar, Neil Patel shares a ton of great marketing tips with the audience. If you're a marketer, I'm sure you'll find it helpful. But for me personally, I've realized that I'm no longer have as much interest in marketing as I used to. It's clear that my focus is now geared toward content creation or creativity in general.

I'm curious to see what will happen in the coming years.