Two friends came over a few days to hang out, and I mentioned things I'm currently working on, including this newsletter.

I did that for nothing but inspiration and the purpose of exchanging ideas — at least that's what I told myself — but since then, I've been feeling uncomfortable with continuing to write this newsletter.

I guess, in a way, this newsletter still feels like my weekly journal. Unlike other writers, influencers, and entrepreneurs, I don't have anything tangible and meaningful to share. Worse still, I'm writing all this for no one to read.

But since I've told them about what I'm working on, what if they got curious and went to check it out?

Ever since I tried to be comfortable with the idea of putting myself out there, I've been haunted by this feeling of insecurity. It's like I have a tremendous fear of people finding out my deep secrets. And if I'm being honest, that single fear has hindered me from going all out and publishing content consistently.

I might have mentioned this in a previous newsletter, but as someone private and introverted, building a personal brand is the last thing I want to do. Though I've certainly made some progress over the last year or so, it's still a helluva struggle.

So yeah, it's been weird to write this newsletter, and I thought about discontinuing it. But then I thought to myself: I'm already not having much going on in life. If I stopped writing this too, then I'll officially be a bum.

Sure, what I'm writing here is a weekly journal, really, and no one is reading it. Still, it's an excellent opportunity to reflect on what's happened over the past week, what my realizations are, and what I've learned so far.

If nothing else, I get to practice writing and posting stuff onto my blog. So fuck it, I'm just gonna do what makes sense to me and let things happen naturally.

I think that's it for now.

Until next week,

Weekly Inspirations

🎬 Watch

I don't know how I didn't find Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube sooner, but recently I stumbled across his channel and have been impressed with the content so far. In this video, he and Marques Brownlee talk about how tech companies manipulate the media, which I find very informative, especially for those who want to become a tech YouTuber.

🎬 Watch

Alright, this is a random one. I got recommended this old video about Lilly Singh the other day that I find interesting. I don't know much about Lilly Singh. I had only watched one or two of her videos and couldn't say I liked those. But this video of Drew Gooden talking about how Lilly Singh got overconfident about what she could do due to her YouTube fame and forayed into the TV industry and screwed up, kinda. I think this video articulates well what not to do if you accidentally get famous.

🎬 Watch

Another video by Mrwhosetheboss, but this is the video that got me saying “Holy smokes!” and subscribed to his channel. In this video, he dives into why phone companies stopped giving you a charger with a phone purchase. Not only is the production quality top-notch, but it's clear that Arun had spent a ton of time researching while writing the script. Impressive!