Things are getting a little weird.

I'm writing my 7th newsletter and I'm starting to feel embarrassed about it. I set out to create my first Skillshare class and I declared that in a previous newsletter.

But I have been stuck for almost two weeks now. I've hit a roadblock and the idea of giving up has been creeping in lately.

How do I know? It's happened so many times that I now can identify it with just a little sign.

I know no one is reading my newsletter. Still, I feel embarrassed about my progress and I feel like a failure, again.

I almost didn't want to write today's newsletter. But I convinced myself to keep going…

… since I haven't been making much progress in other areas of my life, keeping writing this weekly newsletter is the least I can do to at least have something going on.

I had a talk with a friend yesterday and he suggested I start a digital marketing agency and offer website and marketing services to local businesses. This was not the first time he brought this up, he has another friend who started doing something similar a while ago and has been crushing it.

To be frank, I've pondered over that idea several times myself. But I couldn't quite convince myself that it's something worth pursuing.

The crazy part?

I don't exactly know why. It could be that I'm not confident about what I'm capable of delivering to other people. That's why I chose to go the difficult route β€” trying to build a single-person online business.

Even though I've been struggling pretty hard.

Another possible reason is that I hate being held to any sort of expectation. I'm already feeling like a failure. If I mess things up again, I don't know what kind of self-image I'd have of myself.

All this sounds overly dramatic, I know. But for the longest time, I've been perplexed by shits like this.

I honestly don't know where I'm going with this. I guess, all I want to say is, I'm gonna suck it up and complete the Skillshare class, run some ads to promote it, and see how things go.

I'm halfway through and I don't want to let my false judgments hinder my chances of success in creating something that I'd be proud of, and hopefully, that would start generating income for me.

Hopefully, I'd be able to make significant progress by next week.

Talk soon,

Weekly Inspirations

πŸ“– Read

A couple of months ago dbrand launched Darkplates (custom-made dark plates for PS5) to the market and dared Sony to sue them. So did Sony. I thought they were gonna take the product down and call the entire thing off.

But to my surprise, they came up with an impressive counter move β€” they launched Darkplates 2.0 with some really great features and convincing arguments. Anyway, I put this under a reading inspiration because the copywriting on their Darkplates 2.0 product page is amazing.

And they complement it with great interactive animated visuals. That product page is so well-designed that I think every marketer can learn something from it. Here's the link.

🎬 Watch

In this video, Campbell Walker talks about reasons we're not successful (yet), some of which I found super relatable. Especially the point that we not only have fear of failure but also, in a way, fear of success. Much of what he talks about in the video has been rolling around in my mind, but he definitely articulates it better.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ“ Learn

It's been over a year since I last touched Facebook ads so I figured I should revisit Khalid Hamadeh's course to revive what I know about it. Khalid is one of my favorite course instructors when it comes to Facebook ads, partly because he's able to succinctly explain concepts and ideas while not making me sleepy. Check it out here.