Making Money Online Is Hard. Learn from My Struggles.

Seriously, I've been there — hitting every bump on the road of digital solopreneurship. Learn from my experience and don't reinvent the wheel 🫡

Who the Hell Are You?🤨
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Howdy! I'm Kim 👋🏻

I'm just a regular guy (and lifelong learner) navigating the world of making money online (MMO).

I've been in this space for years, and trust me, I've stumbled more times than I can count. But hey, those mistakes taught me a thing or two.

And now, I'm here to spill the beans — expect no-BS tutorials & actionable guides from me. We're all figuring this shit out together.

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No Fluff, Real Talk

Zeroing In on What Truly Matters


Guides That Get You Going

No more getting stuck in the "how-to" quicksand. I'm here with practical, step-by-step guides and clear, actionable advice that cuts through the confusion and gets you moving in your journey.


Straight-Up Software Picks

Some software is great, some isn't. I'll give you the straight-up best picks that I've tested and love. No fluff, just the tools that genuinely make a difference for solopreneurs like us.


Smart Tech, Smart Work

I talk about tech products that I love and actually use. But it's not just about my favorites. I'm all about finding those tech pieces that genuinely help you make money online.



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